Help to solve apalabrados, wordfeud4,etc.. or any scrabble game.

You can search words with your available letters o even words that fit on the table.

Words can be drag to the table for get the score that you can get.

chivados.net has a dictonaries with a lot of words! (The words doesn't belong to any online dictionary):


- 900.0000 spanish words
- 500.000 catalan words.
- 85.000 english words.
- 300.000 portuguese words.


  • You can introduce letters clicking on the area and using keyboard
  • You can choose SEARCH WORDS in the poup for looking for matching words

Using table feature

  • Click over board and choose PUT WORD vertical or horitzontal
  • You can write the word (using keyboard), even you can use arrows to move arround
  • You can choose SEARCH WORD vertical or horitzontal to look for matching words
You can load a example board


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